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Preorders now! Official street date June 24, 2016 on Bad Elephant Music!

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We are a self-funded independent progressive rock band creating and playing the music we love; any donations, no matter how small, are deeply appreciated. All proceeds go to the recording of our sophomore album. Thank you.​

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January 31, 2017

Hey! It's Kerry, sorry I haven't been on-the-spot when it comes to updates but life has its demands, you know?

We recenty hit the studio and recorded basic tracks for a 25-minute suite that started life as the "Barney Miller" song. Mike and Matt have been overdubbing and I'm delighted and, frankly, a bit astonished at the results. It's sounding really, really ass-crunching. That's a good thing.

We're also exploring and writing a 3-part suite based on various ideas we're all throwing in, so that's another 10-minutes (at least) to add to the album's running length.

All that's left is to decide on a couple of final songs and we're happening.

Meanwhile things are moving at a much-appreciated slower pace; I recently moved to the San Bernardino mountains so we're making the most of our rehearsal time since I can't be there every week due to the distance. But, I do love it up here!

Thanks a million for reading -- someone, convince me Facebook is worth returning to LOL!



May 25, 2016


Hi and thanks for visiting our page! 

Very happy to share the news that Bad Elephant Music has announced the pre-release of our live album, "Epic at the Majestic: Heliopolis Live at RoSFest 2015."

The physical release date is June 24th but BEM is very kindly taking pre-orders now, click here and get a free download!

Thanks to BEM and everyone who has been so supportive of the band. We're very happy with this live document of our RoSFest performance and we're hard at work on album #2 -- sounding pretty cool so far!

Photo courtesy of Joseph Garcia

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